Ace Your Aesthetic


No matter what you’re promoting, your website needs to grab people’s attention. You could be selling the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, it won’t matter.

Ace Your Aesthetic

One of the first steps to achieve this is creating a cohesive, comprehensive aesthetic for your brand. We have a few fun first steps to help you get started…

  • Think On Theme

In terms of design, this is the biggest question you have to answer. What tone do you want your website to have? What are you promoting? Is it dynamic and bold? Calm and soothing?

For example, a website for a kid’s toy store may want a busy, colourful, upbeat tone. Whereas a website for a spa would likely want to channel a peaceful, clean, luxurious vibe.

What do you want first-time visitors to your site to think? How do you want them to feel?

  • Pick Your Palette

Once you’ve chosen your tone, it’s time to start picking your colours. Colour is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get someone’s attention.

It’s a good idea to have about 5 colours in your colour palette. 1 colour for your background, 2 colours for fonts (not including your standard black font), and 2 colours for accents and graphics.

Colour theory can be complicated, so our tip is to start with an analogous colour scheme. Analogous means the colours are all right next to each other on a colour wheel.  From there you can alter the brightness or saturation of these colours accordingly. Here are some examples of analogous colour palettes:


  • Finding The Font

Or should we say fonts? Just like the colour, the fonts you choose for your website can say a lot about it. Some fonts are bold and demand attention, others are delicate and draw you in. You need to pick the style that fits best with your overall tone.
We recommend finding two fonts. One that has some creativity and drama (for headers and stand-alone font) and another that is simple and easy to read (for the main body of the text). Google is a great resource for finding perfect font pairings. Some pairings we like are:

Our final and biggest tip? Contact Karma Creative Solutions to help you assemble all these elements into your dream website! Reach out to us today!

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