How To Grow On Social Media


How to grow on Social Media

So you’ve set up your social platforms and friends, clients, family members and hey, even some people you don’t know have started to follow you. Awesome! However, now what? How do you continue to grow on social media, and get more followers? We’re here to share some more tips!

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3 Ways to Grow your Social Media Accounts

1. Run a giveaway – Giveaways are an excellent way to get more followers. It also has the potential to bring in more actual customers, not just followers. Giveaways draw eyes to your accounts, so make sure you have the link to your website up somewhere in your profile. Giveaways could be as simple as a Tim Hortons gift, or a gift card to your store.

2. Be Consistent. Try to stay true to your brand/niche. You built your audience because they like your content. Give them what they expect. Absolutely throw in the occasional “Happy Holidays” “We’re Closed to Celebrate” etc, people love to know you’re human, but for the most part, stick to what you’ve been giving them and don’t throw out random posts to fill up your content calendar – we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, quality over quantity.

3. Share, Share, Share. Share your stuff! Made an Instagram post? Share it to your Facebook, make it a story, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask your current followers to share your content as well. Ask you friends and family to help out too! Every share has the potential to grow your network.

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