The Importunce of Gud Speling: There, Their, and They’re


Youv probably been told sinse grade skool that speling is very importunt.

And it is! In this series we’ve explored some common spelling errors and how you can avoid them.

The Importunce of Gud Speling: There, Their, and They’re

Regardless of what you are writing, you should always aim for correct spelling. Poor spelling can not only make you look careless or uninformed, but it can also alter the actual meaning of what you’re writing.

Today we will be reviewing there, their, and they’re. This is another example of words that people mix up all the time. They sound the same but mean entirely different things. Use our tips below to make sure you’re always using the right one.

There – ‘There’ is a place. It can be either a literal place or a figurative place. An easy example is ‘I’ll meet you there.’ If you need a trick to remember it, ‘there’ has the word ‘here’ right in it. So, the ‘there, their, they’re’ option that means a place is the one that has ‘here’ in it. This is also the option you would use as an exclamation. For example, ‘There! I told you so.’

Their – ‘Their’ is a possessive. It’s used when describing something that is owned by or belongs to someone. An example: ‘Their boots look great!’ To remember this one as a possessive, think how this one contains the letter ‘i’. ‘I’ is you and things belong to you. So, if something belongs to someone, use ‘their’.  

They’re – ‘They’re’ is a contraction. If you’ve read our earlier blog posts, you’ll know a contraction is two words that have been combined using an apostrophe. ‘They’re’ is a contraction of ‘they are’. So, if you can replace your word with ‘they are’ then the version to use is ‘they’re’.

Everyone trips up on these once in a while, especially if you’re writing quickly. But with these tips, practice, and some self-editing you can be confident you’ll know the right word and the right spelling for it when the time comes. 

If writing is something you need to do but can’t stand actually doing you can always get the Karma Creative Solutions team to write for you. We can adapt our writing style to meet your needs and you can always be sure of good spelling and correct grammar. Reach out to Karma Creative Solutions today to get started on your next writing project!

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