The Importunce of Gud Speling: Your Vs. You’re


Youv probably been told sinse grade skool that speling is very importunt.

And it is! In this ongoing series we will be exploring some common spelling errors that can make or break your writing.

The Importunce of Gud Speling: Your Vs. You’re

Regardless of what you are writing, you should always aim for correct spelling. Poor spelling can not only make you look careless or uninformed, but it can also alter the actual meaning of what you’re writing.

Today we will be reviewing your vs. you’re. Confusion over these words is incredibly common but it can be easy to fix once you know what you are looking for. We hope with a bit of guidance this is a mistake that you’re not going to make in your writing anymore.

Your – ‘Your’ is possessive. It is used to show someone’s ownership of something, for example ‘Have you finished your meal?” The meal is yours, it belongs to you, so you would use ‘your’.

You’re – ‘You’re’ is a contraction. A contraction literally means ‘the process of becoming smaller’. What it refers to in language is when two words are combined. ‘You’re’ is the contraction of ‘you are’. Ask yourself if you could replace the word in question with ‘you are’; if yes then make sure to use ‘you’re’.

It sounds simple, but you may be surprised by how many people get this wrong. With the words looking so similar it can be an easy mistake to make if you’re writing quickly or are not paying attention. Is crucial to look over your work before finishing. Even a quick self-edit will help you catch mistakes like this one. 

If writing is something you dread you can always consider using Karma Creative Solutions to write for you. We can adapt our writing style to meet your needs and you can always be sure of good spelling and correct grammar. Reach out to Karma Creative Solutions today to get started on your next writing project. And check back next time to learn more about ‘the importunce of gud speling’.

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