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You have a beautiful website that you worked hard on. You are proud of it, and should be! Yet, here you are, scratching your head thinking… “Why is nobody coming to my website??” Unfortunately, there’s a little bit more involved in just creating a website, hitting publish, and getting hits. Fortunately, we are here to share 3 free (and easy) ways on how you can guarantee to drive more traffic to your website.

3 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website


  1. Post to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other social platform you are using! This one is pretty easy, and something you might already be doing, so it’s time to up your game. Posting regularly to your social platforms is not only good for your brand, but is an excellent way to get more people to your website, especially if your content is shareable. Turn your followers into website visitors by creating eye catching content, and relatable, motivational, intriguing, and/or educational captions.
  2. Be active online. Taking the time to engage with your followers (and potential followers) is another free way to drive traffic to your website. Just be sure not to only talk about your website, or services. Like, Comment, and Share others posts and show an interest in what they are doing, but be sincere about it. The more often you engage, the more people will start to recognize your name/profile and will get curious enough to check out your profile. **Make sure you have the link to your website in your profiles!!
  3. Hashtags. Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to gain reach (more views) on your content, which eventually turns into more website traffic. However, hashtags can be tricky. You need to do the research before throwing out hashtags into your post, or else you could get lost in the algorithm. You might think that using the most popular hashtags is the best way to get millions of views, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Make sure you are using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and/or post.

Have you tried any of these methods? We would love to hear your feedback! Still having trouble getting traffic to your website? We can help. We build websites that get results. Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can help you!

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Drive Traffic to Your Website