The Importunce of Gud Speling: To Vs. Too


Youv probably been told sinse grade skool that speling is very importunt.

And it is! In this ongoing series we will be exploring some common spelling errors.

Regardless of what you are writing, you should always try to ensure proper spelling. Poor spelling can not only make you look careless or uninformed, but it can also alter the actual meaning of what you’re writing.

The Importunce of Gud Speling: To Vs. Too

Today we will be reviewing to vs. too.  With the simple addition of one extra ‘o’, these words mean entirely different things. 

To – The word ‘to’ is a preposition. Simply put, a preposition is a word that demonstrates the relationship between two things. In this case, it can be used to a) show direction (I walk to the store) or b) as an infinitive when you place ‘to’ ahead of a verb (I like to sing). As a general rule, the vast majority of the time you will be using ‘to’.

Too – The word ‘too’ is an adverb or adjective – a descriptor of another word. It’s used to show the excess of something (That costs too much) or to convey something is in addition to something else (I want some french fries too). The rules for ‘too’ are much simpler. To determine which word you should use, ask yourself ‘Am I describing something excessive or over the top?’ or ‘Could this word be replaced with an ‘also’ or ‘as well’? If the answer to either is yes, then you’ll want to use ‘too’. Any other cases, use ‘to’.

If you’re confused or intimidated by spelling, don’t forget you have an abundance of programs out there to help you. Programs like Grammarly, LanguageTool, or the tried-and-true Spell Check. Make sure to familiarize yourself with programs like this to keep on top of your spelling. And check back in next time to learn more about ‘the importunce of gud speling’.

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