Which Format is for Me?


You have information that you want to get to your audience. But with so many options how do you decide on the ideal format for your content? Below we cover 3 different post or article formats and when it’s best to use them.

Which Format is for Me?

  • The Listicle

People LOVE listicles. A listicle is a piece of writing that is either partially or entirely in a list format. The listicle is possibly the most efficient way of relaying your information. These days people are less inclined to read long articles. It can feel like attention spans are getting shorter by the day. So, a quick, punchy, visually appealing way to package your information works wonders! Listicles have become an incredibly popular format and you can find them in all kinds of websites and publications. 

Listicles are perfect for when you want to convey ranked information. For example:

Largest Canadian Cities (Ranked By Population Size)

  1. Toronto
  2. Montréal
  3. Vancouver
  4. Calgary 

But a listicle doesn’t have to be ranked, it can simply be a list with no particular emphasis on any one item. For example:

Things To Pack For Camping

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tent
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle

Listicles are a fast and clear way to relay information to your audience. Because of the compact format, listicles can also be used in images and graphics. It’s a go-to format that we’re sure you’ll find useful.

  • The ‘What’ Format

The ‘What’ format takes one topic and explains the essential details. It is a great structure for conveying introductory information to a beginner audience. Think of it as a basic school essay. You will want to introduce your topic, explain what it is, how it works, and why your audience should care about it. For example, your article could be ‘What Is A Blog & How To Make One’. In straightforward language you will explain what a blog is, what are the benefits of a blog, why it’s a good idea, and finally, how the reader can create one themselves.

The ‘What’ format is also a great opportunity to attach ‘call-to-actions’ or ‘learn more’ links at the bottom of your article. Having options to learn more information is a great way to keep your reader engaged and potentially stay on your site longer.

  • The How-To

Think instruction manual in post form. The How-To format is a step-by-step guide for your reader on how to do something. These instructions can be just the basics, or you can add your own tips and advice as well. There is also a great opportunity to add graphics for each step of the process. You can relay the information visually in addition to your writing and ensure you capture all different levels of audience.

It is also common for the How-To format to also include a listicle. A list is an easy way to convey ordered instructions to your audience, which is ideal for guiding a reader through something.

Have fun with your formats! Stick to one structure or combine them in a way that works best for your content. And no matter what format you choose, ensure your content is clear, comprehensible, and correct. 

If you need help with formatting, generating ideas, or want someone to handle it from start to finish – contact Karma Creative Solutions today! We’re always here to help.

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