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You have exactly 4 seconds to capture your video audience… Want to know how?

With decades of experience in award-winning film and television production, a Karma-produced video is guaranteed to be an attention grabbing, eye-catching cinematic experience that entices audiences to find out more!

It all starts with your script. Encapsulating your company’s brand in 60 seconds or less means choosing your words very carefully. Karma’s writers excel in capturing the essence of your corporate message in compelling, creative copy.


To look and sound like a pro, you have to record like a pro! The hallmark of professional video production is crystal-clear picture and sound. This can’t be achieved with a smartphone or a camcorder. Karma’s videophiles have all the high end gear to make you look and sound great! Whether it’s interviews, beauty shots, sweeping landscapes or product close-ups we capture the shots that define your brand.


Editing, soundtrack, titles and more – post production is where your raw footage becomes a finished film! There many ways to get a point across and some of the best videos never use a camera at all. Animation, After Effects creations and stock footage combined with music and a voiceover allows Karma to create your video concept remotely, in little time, and at a lower cost.


At Karma, not only do we ensure you have a video you will be proud of, but we make sure the world sees it! Your video should be available on your website and on social medial. Websites that have a video on their homepage have higher views, longer stays and lower bounce rates. Equally, using a YouTube Channel is a great way to organize your video library, disseminate information, and improve your website’s Google ranking at the same time. Take a look at our YouTube Channel, see all the possibilities open to you!

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